The Jordan TW Trio


Jordan TW Trio

Whether it be a gathering for Irish tunes accompanied by an occasional sing-a-long or a professional Celtic concert setting, the Jordan TW Trio is sure to delight all its listeners. Their performances touch upon the traditional Irish songs of old, combined with newer and original material that lends to a lively atmosphere of friendly banter and good cheer. The trio members, Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki, Matt Jensen, and Chris Noyes established the group in 2012 and have has been performing continuously ever since.

Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki

Jordan is known throughout the New England music community as a well-acclaimed musician. He began his profession as a preforming artist at a young age as he delved into the world of fiddling. When he was 12 years old he was the youngest delegate representing New Hampshire at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washing, D.C. Recognition for his outstanding talent has since continued as he was deemed “Master Artist” in 2013 by the New Hampshire State Council of the Arts and awarded “Best Fiddler 2016” by New Hampshire Magazine. Jordan is also an accomplished guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and session musician. His original composition style lends to a woven blend of Celtic/Irish and American folk. For Jordan’s full biography, acclamations, and discography please visit:

Matt Jensen

Matt is an extremely talented guitarist devoted to his art form. Whether he is performing traditional Irish or traditional blues his creative measure lends well to an eclectic musical style. While his main contribution within the trio is guitar and vocals his widespread abilities within the music industry also include music production, audio recording, songwriting, and teaching. In addition to Matt being an individual artist, he actively contributes to collaborative efforts in the New England area for the advocacy of arts and education.

Chris Noyes

Chris is a music teacher in the New Hampshire school system. His main instruction is orchestra. Chris is an extremely versatile musician with his principle instrument as upright and/or electric bass. He is also a songwriter and musically proficient on guitar, piano and saxophone. Chris’s musical position within the trio is upright bass and vocals. He also works as a session musician, and is a member of two additional music groups: Amorphous, performing R&B and rock; and Trade, an original R&B band.

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A Bit of Irish Music History

The first form of inhabitants on the British Isles used very primitive forms of musical instruments, which were mostly pipes and horns. The arrival of the Celts in 500 BC introduced the harp into Irish culture. The harp was the most dominant instrumental sound in Ireland until the 17th century. Within the 17th century, the harp declined in importance and the fiddle took hold. By the turn of the century the fiddle became the most widely played and most popular instrument in relation to the Irish music culture. The fiddle is now considered the primary instrument of traditional Irish music.

Storytelling is also essential to Irish music. It is a common occurrence during Irish performances to tell stories of “the days of old” while performing traditional Irish tunes. This lends to the lineage of traditional Irish music, which was originally introduced by Irish emigrants and has found a nesting place in North America since the 1840’s. By the early 1900’s a melting pot of Irish –American culture and its music had taken hold throughout the country. Today Irish-American music is often categorized as American folk music. It is a well-recognized genre of music and has quite an established following.