We are a project driven consulting practice at Centre Resource, LLC working on individually created client- based projects. Our creative team collectively works with clients to develop, formulate, articulate, and present an array of content motivated projects. Our creative proficiencies include audio and video production, artistic design, creative writing, as well as storytelling and songwriting.

“Let us no longer ask ourselves what community must give to the arts, but rather, what do the arts give to the community.”

Art and Education meet Creativity and together the stroll along the Creative Pathway.

Listen to the Beverly High School Jazz Band and meet a few of the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce Members and Local Business Owners!

“Work in the arts is not only a way of creating performances and products; it is a way of creating our lives by expanding our consciousness, shaping our disposition, satisfying our quest for meaning, establishing contact with others, and sharing a culture”

Elliot Eisner (2002).

Podcasts: Creative Conversations

In our podcasts we touch on many subjects involving the Arts, Education and Business and our individual experiences in these areas. Feel free to make a cup of coffee or tea and have a listen. You might even catch one of our funny frog stories!

Creative Storytelling Examples