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Great service, overall wonderful studio. Very friendly and easygoing. Would recommend to any musician looking to get big in the industry.
- Jared Maribito

Dedicated and Detailed

We had the opportunity work with Tere on a number of projects over several years. Her attention to detail, care for the well being of the end users and dedication to the process of achieving an excellent and effective outcome were a joy to encounter. Thumbs up for Tere and her team. Rob Norris
- Rob Norris - Saturn Sound Studios, Inc.

Love Tere!

Tere's true passion for developing creative projects and her strong belief in the life enhancing benefits of tapping into one's creativity, makes her a joy to work for. I have had the opportunity to be part of her team on a couple of projects and always felt energized and honored to be there participating. She is highly professional and always fun. Loved it!!!
- Heather

Non-Profit Consulting

Tere is disciplined, focused, and a clear thinker. She is able to analyze problems quickly and devise appropriate solutions easily. She is also goal driven, organized and has excellent writing skills.
- Gerald Daley Ed.D.

Non-Profit Management

Tere has extensive experience in the operations of a non-profit organization which she applied to the Museum with professional skill and diligence.
- Richard Blogett Enfield Shaker Museum

A most pleasant experience

I recently had the pleasure to collaborate with Tere and the Centre as a percussionist and found the experience to be warm and professional. Keep up the good work!
- Paul Ward