Arts and Education Programs

Our program development for arts and education is based on aligning Core Arts Standards with Common Core Standards. Our interdisciplinary approach to programming is focused on facilitating student learning and achievement with grade appropriate subject matter and various art disciplines. Our programs are offered through our education site Pathway Center for Arts and Education 

Our Programs

Our programs include educational format, strategies and learning objectives, facility consideration, instructional assistance, and evaluation consideration.

Young Tribals

Young Tribals (GR K-3) is a program that introduces various indigenous cultures throughout history. All tribes possess their own unique forms of creativity reflecting cultural history. This program explores the traditions of the Aborigine, African, Celtic, Mayan, Mongolian, and Native American people.

The emphasis of the program will be to develop an understanding of indigenous tribes based on the richness of kinship and community throughout history. Program activities include arts and crafts, dance, games, music, performance, and storytelling. Subject matter includes cultural arts, geography, and history.

Natural Expressions

Natural Expressions (GR 4-6) is a program designed to connect students and teachers through on-line mentoring to professional artists, musicians, and writers through the study of natural science. Using the arts as a conduit, the students will gain perspective and understanding of their environment and various aspects of its natural habitat. This program will approach different aspects of learning through art, literature, music, natural science, and technology. On-line mentoring provides access to working with professional artist, musicians, and writers for students who might not otherwise have the opportunity for such interactions. The process of working with a mentor pushes students to think critically as they reflect on their work and react to feedback and suggestion from the mentors. The dialogue between mentors and students encourages student to re-examine their work, to make changes and to reach for a deeper understanding in the creative process.

Finding Your Voice and Being Heard

Finding Your Voice and Being Heard (GR 7-12) is a program specifically designed for presentation/performance enhancement. Students will discover how to apply creativity in their life as a unique method of expression and accomplishment, by developing their creative abilities. During the course of this program the student will learn enhanced techniques and skills allowing them to gain a concise understanding of organization and formulation for any type of presentation and/or performance.

The emphasis of this program will include student: recognition of inspiration; implementation of the creative process; techniques for organization, formulation, and articulation; and performance/presentation enhancement skills.

Music/Storytelling/Poetry/Dance/ Video Production

The professional staff of collective artists at Centre Resource LLC will lead you through the creative process of generating your own music, spoken word, or dance video. We offer off site filming, in house green screen capabilities and video editing, as well as (limited) animation for our video productions. Our multi-media studio is equipped for voice and/or voice over recording. We also partner with local audio recording facilities for in-depth recording projects.

  • Music/Storytelling/Poetry/Dance – $1200 -$1500
  • Videography/Editing (Freelance Services)- $150 per hr- $600 ½ day- $1200 full day