Our Services

The primary focus of Centre Resource LLC is to proactively support the Arts and their correlation within community and education. Our consulting practice is centered on the development of art based content and programming, as well as coinciding funding strategies. Our field of expertise is inclusive of arts in education, arts in culture, and community building through local artistry. 

Non-Profit Consulting

Our Services are designed to integrate the necessary components for a thriving non-profit organizational culture into practical application for leadership, employee, and volunteer.

All consulting services priced at $125 per hr

  • Program Development
  • Fund Development
  • Board Education
  • Grant Research/Proposal Writing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Capital Campaign Development
  • Special Event Planning
  • Volunteerism

Visual Storytelling

Business storytelling connects, inspires, and engages audiences. Our team will help you craft an approach through the art of visual storytelling.

Stories are a powerful and enduring art form that can be used as an effective communication tool. Business storytelling connects, inspires, and engages audiences. Our team will help you craft an approach through the art of visual storytelling. This includes multiple sessions: a business consultation, crafting your story, video shoot, video editing, and the final product. The cost of this process varies according to client choice and video content.

Crafting Your Story

  • Business/Organization….$1200 – $1500
  • Individual Portfolio………$1000 – $1200

Professional Development Workshops

Our Professional Development Workshops are based on providing various non-profit management and leadership skills training that strengthen the foundation of organizational operations.

Finding Your Voice and Being Heard

Create connections, gain confidence, develop self-expression and become an atmosphere of possibilities.

This workshop is based on the development of techniques and applications that directly apply to performance and/or presentation enhancement, Through the power of creativity and articulation you will learn how to create and apply unique methods  of expression as various forms of proactive communication.  

    Course Content:

  • Learn the creative process
  • Develop expression of self
  • Nurture imagination
  • Enrich communication skills
  • Apply carious multi-media techniques
  • Refine vocal presentation
  • Enhance writing proficiency

Creativity and the Bottom Line

During the course of this workshop we will explore how the creative impulse of an organization can drive it’s future towards long-term sustainable growth. 

 You will learn how to apply the creative process as a means to identify and implement innovative strategies into concrete realities.

Course Content:

  • The Creative Process
  • Creative Management
  • Program Development
  • Financial Development
  • Operational Excellence

» Creativity and the Bottom Line Video

The Art of Grantmanship

Grantsmanship is comprised of various components inclusive of research and analysis, program development, budgeting, proposal writing, and evaluation. 

Strategic Planning and Management

The ability to take a creative vision from initiation to realization requires business planning, program development, funding strategies, market mapping and distribution.

 This workshop is devised to work closely in assisting for-profit and non-profit organizations, as well as individual entrepreneurs in strengthening their resource generating capacity.

Contact Center Resource LLC for workshop arrangements and pricing.

Private session 1-5 participants
Company retreats limited to 25 participants
Community education check calendar for scheduled events