Pamela Allenger’s Musical Beginings

When I first met Pamela, it was not in regards to music but nonetheless, within an hour’s time, she ended up in my (home) studio, entranced with creating songs and sounds. As an artist, it is easy to recognize creative qualities in other individuals; that is exactly what happened when Pamela entered my world of music.


As a singer/songwriter, I find creative inspiration to be a strange phenomenon. Sometimes you have a creative idea or a particular subject matter that you work on, and other times creative impulse grabs a hold of you, and your life comes to a complete halt until you allow it to manifest through your particular form of expression.

For the past six months, I have been actively involved in the creation of a Bluegrass/Country music project. Shortly after meeting Pamela, this sweet gospel melody entered my mind while driving across the state of Florida. My first thought was …where did that come from, my second thought was… this is a song for Pamela, and my third thought was, thank-you! When I arrived home, I called Pamela’s mother, Lisa, and explained that I wanted Pamela to sing a song and asked if she would allow her daughter to be involved in my current recording project.

Today Pamela and I began the process of bringing this song to light. I will be posting our progress with this project on the Creative Paths of the Arts blog. Part of the vocal recordings will be done in West Palm Beach, Florida, at Saturn Sound Studio, with musicianship and additional vocals to be recorded at Rocking Horse Studio in Pittsfield, New Hampshire. Click the link below to hear Pamela’s Glory