Artful Words – Sneak Peek

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A book comprised of lyrics, poems, and short stories written by Tere Kipp and illustrated by Emily Davidson.
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Book Info:
Soft Cover
Full Color

36 pages

An poem excerpt from Artful Words

Ode to Moderation

Love streams out of me

like tap water from a faucet

sometimes hot

sometimes cold

but mostly tempered am I

Once I was turned on to hot for comfort

a vulnerable soul was caught

in the outpouring of my steamy demise

luckily … poached not roasted

I have tasted chilled affection

and find it to be remorsefully refreshing

straight from the fountain

laced with a sprig of mint on a warm summers eve

it tends to give me one of those quick headaches

But mostly tempered am I

like a favorable worn faucet

never to scorch

never to shatter

simply spattering even




of love

Gift Bundle – Book & Mug

We will also be offering a book and mug set on our online store.

The mug features the original cover illustration of Artful Words.

Mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.