Mentoring Meaghan

I find that when mentoring a student many avenues of success presents themselves along the journey. Some are immediately embraced while others wait on right timing. There is however, one aspect of mentoring that you can depend on which is,  every mentoring experience will present its own individual story.

Mentoring Meaghan has proved to be an exhilarating journey through winding paths of creative expression and song. I the mentor while she the student, does not always apply.  Very often, within a moments notice, she becomes all the wiser as I graciously receive.

I am excited to be on this delightful adventure with her and anticipate a fun-filled creative experience.


Youth mentoring has become a cornerstone within community in providing guidance, support, and sharing of knowledge. Current research suggests that the overarching effect of mentoring today’s youth is the opportunities it presents in establishing positive building blocks towards choices for the future.  These building blocks are inclusive of better communication skills, abilities to build positive and lasting relationships, improved social values, spiked interest in education, as well as a better chance of pursuing higher education.